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Purchasing a Cottage? Check Internet Availability

Friday Aug 27th, 2021


Thinking of purchasing a summer cottage or a waterfront property you plan to use as a year-round second home?

Before looking for a place in a favorite region, remember that the high-speed internet connection we take for granted in Ottawa is not available everywhere. Internet service is better in some rural regions than others.

As a Realtor, I’ve met city residents who were shocked to discover there are areas in rural Ontario where cell phones don’t work, and internet service is basic or very slow.

With some rural internet services, you might be able to do web searches and e-mailing, but the service might not be good enough for Zoom meetings.Rural Internet Service in Ontario

For some cottage buyers, that’s just fine. Some people want their summer retreats to be an escape from work and city life. They have no intention of working there.

But particularly after the past year of Covid lockdowns, with many people working  successfully from home, many cottage owners now want the option of being able to work from their cottage or second home.

The availability and quality of internet service is among the top questions Realtors are asked by clients considering a vacation home.  It’s becoming more common for sellers to mention their internet quality when listing rural properties.


Before searching for a cottage or vacation home, familiarize yourself with the different internet options that are available in rural areas.  Keep in mind that not all of the options are available in all areas. The options all have advantages and drawbacks.

For example, some rural dwellers find satellite internet service a good option for their location.  But keep in mind that satellite service can suddenly be interrupted by the weather or may not work well if you have a lot of tall trees or rocky areas around a property.

Other options for internet service in rural areas include DSL; cable; fibre lines and fixed wireless connections.

Wireless internet requires attaching a receiver to your property to receive signals from a local tower, but if available in your area, the data speeds can be impressive.

A Realtor can advise you the options that work best in the area of a cottage you’re considering.

The good news is that internet service is steadily improving in rural areas. Ontario is partnering with the federal government in a more than $3 billion program to expand high-speed internet availability across the province by the end of 2025.

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If you’d like to read more about internet options in rural areas and their advantages and drawbacks, internet provider WaveDirect has a helpful article on its site, at


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